The Fundamental Unit of Life Quiz Question with Answer

11. ER remains associated with

  1. dictyosomes
  2. mitochondria
  3. nuclear membrane
  4. chloroplast

12. Find the best definition of vacuole ?

  1. A fluid filled structure surrounded by membrane.
  2. A thread like structure containing nuclear material.
  3. A jelly like substance which is present between nucleus and cell membrance.
  4. The basic structural units of an organism.

13. Find the correct statement:

  1. Many fungi are single celled
  2. Most cells are very large
  3. Animals have many vacuoles
  4. Chemical composition of Prokaryotes and eukaryotes vary

14. Identify the organelle that exists only in plant cell but NOT in an animal cell?

  1. Centriole
  2. Chloroplast
  3. Golgi apparatus
  4. Ribosome

15. If the ribosome of a cell are destroyed then

  1. respiration will not take place
  2. fats will not be stored
  3. carbon assimilation will not occur
  4. proteins will not be formed

16. In chloroplasts, light is captured by

  1. thylakoids within grana
  2. grana within cisternae
  3. cisternae within grana
  4. grana within thylakoids

17. Largest number of cell bodies of neuron in our body are found in:

  1. retina
  2. spinal cord
  3. brain
  4. tongue

18. Plasma membrane is composed of

  1. cellulose and lipids
  2. lipids and proteins
  3. peptidoglycan and lipids
  4. cellulose and proteins

19. Root hairs absorb water from soil by the process of

  1. plasmolysis
  2. diffusion
  3. osmosis
  4. endocytosis

20. Select the correct match:

  1. Cell was first discovered - 1839
  2. The term protoplasm was coined - 1665
  3. The nucleus was discovered - 1831
  4. Cell theory was proposed - 1674

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