Respiratory System Quiz Question with Answer

21. When the external intercostal muscles contract, the thoracic volume increases

  1. vertically.
  2. anteroposteriorly.
  3. inferiorly.
  4. superiorly.

22. Which of the following muscles does (do) not contract during extreme forced expiration—as in coughing?

  1. the internal intercostals
  2. the transverse abdominis
  3. the diaphragm
  4. the internal abdominal oblique

23. Air that is moved in and out of the lungs during normal quiet breathing is called

  1. tidal volume.
  2. vital capacity.
  3. residual volume.
  4. inspiratory reserve volume.

24. When a person takes a very deep breath of air just prior to diving into water, this volume of air is referred to as

  1. the tidal volume.
  2. the vital capacity.
  3. the residual volume.
  4. the inspiratory reserve volume.

25. When the “wind” is knocked out of a football player because of a hard blow to the thorax or abdomen, the airthat is actually forced out of his lungs is

  1. the tidal volume.
  2. the vital capacity.
  3. the residual volume.
  4. the inspiratory reserve volume.

26. The principal respiratory center that directly controls breathing is located in

  1. the cerebrum.
  2. the hypothalamus.
  3. the lung.
  4. the medulla oblongata.

27. The diaphragm is innervated by

  1. the inspiratory nerves.
  2. the phrenic nerves.
  3. the vagus nerves.
  4. the intercostal nerves.

28. Which of the following does (do) not contain respiratory chemoreceptors?

  1. aortic arch
  2. carotid arteries
  3. lungs
  4. medulla oblongata

29. The two cranial nerves that transmit sensory information to the brain from the peripheral, respiratory chemoreceptors are

  1. the facial and vagus nerves.
  2. the facial and glossopharyngeal nerves.
  3. the glossopharyngeal and hypoglossal nerves.
  4. the glossopharyngeal and vagus nerves.

30. During embryonic development, the olfactory placode becomes

  1. the nasal cavity.
  2. the larynx.
  3. the trachea.
  4. the lung.

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