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Water Cycle Question and Answer

1. When water is released through a plants leaves, this process is called

  1. transpiration
  2. condensation
  3. evaporation
  4. precipitation

2. 95% of the Earths water is stored in its

  1. rivers
  2. oceans
  3. glaciers
  4. underground aquifers

3. After water vapor is carried high into the atmosphere, what happens to it?

  1. It forms clouds, and air currents move them around
  2. It keeps rising until it goes into outer space
  3. It sublimates into ice
  4. It magically changes back into water

4. Freshwater running underground are called

  1. rivers
  2. streams
  3. creeks
  4. aquifers

5. How much of Earths water is fresh water that people and animals can drink?

  1. 1- 1.5%
  2. 1-2%
  3. 71%
  4. 97%

6. Because water can dissolve many things, it is called

  1. the great dissolver
  2. the universal solvent
  3. the biggest loser
  4. the winner

7. Because water continuously changes states from solid, liquid, and gas

  1. We have the water cycle
  2. We have oceans that are salty
  3. We have rivers and lakes
  4. We have different temperatures

8. Precipitation is another word for

  1. breathing
  2. ice melting
  3. rain and snow
  4. plants giving off water

9. The water cycle also has another name. What is it?

  1. the nitrogen cycle
  2. the carbon cycle
  3. the hydrologic cycle
  4. the moon cycle

10. The water cycle always starts in the

  1. oceans
  2. clouds
  3. plants and animals
  4. It has no starting place or ending place

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Water Cycle

Water Cycle Trivia Questions and Answers PDF Online

Water Cycle Question and Answer

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