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Rivers of India MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

1. River Narmada flows to

  1. Bay of Bengal
  2. Arabian sea
  3. Indian ocean
  4. None of these

2. Which of the following project is made on the Satlej River?

  1. Bhakra - Nangal
  2. Rihand
  3. Talcher power
  4. Kobra project

3. The river on which the reservoir for Indira Gandhi Canal has been built is ?

  1. Cauvery
  2. Sutlej
  3. Krishna
  4. Chenab

4. Damodar river rises in which place ?

  1. Chota Nagpur plateu
  2. Satpura range
  3. Kailash range
  4. MP

5. Which of the following river does not originates from India?

  1. Ganga
  2. Yamuna
  3. Chambal
  4. Brahmaputra

6. Which is the largest river of south India ?

  1. Ganga
  2. Sone
  3. Yamuna
  4. Godavari

7. The longest river of peninsular India is

  1. Godavari
  2. Ganga
  3. Yamuna
  4. Cauvery

8. Which of the following is not true about Rihand scheme?

  1. It is made on river Rihand
  2. It is in Uttar Pradesh
  3. Its purpose is hydroelectricity generation
  4. All of the above are incorrect

9. Where is Mayurakshi project?

  1. Jammu & Kashmir
  2. Punjab
  3. West Bengal
  4. Maharashtra

10. The river Godavari rises in which region ?

  1. Kailash range
  2. Chota Nagpur plateu
  3. Satpura range
  4. MP

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Rivers of India

Rivers of India Trivia Questions and Answers PDF

Rivers of India Question and Answer

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