How to find a tenant

How to find a tenant

One of the most intimidating aspects of the rental process can be knowing how to find a tenant. In order to have some agency when selecting a tenant, a landlord wants to ensure that they receive as many tenant leads as possible. Consequently, it is essential to advertise a rental on well-known websites like that generate a significant number of tenant leads. When it comes to finding new tenants for their properties, landlords have a lot to worry about.

  • How quickly will new tenants be found?
  • Will they keep up their rent payments?
  • What happens if they cause damage to the property or fail to promptly report maintenance issues?
  • What if you need to move them out?

While landlords cannot guarantee that a renter will be the "perfect tenant," there are a few things they can do to increase the likelihood. Making the renting process simple, thorough tenant screenings, and efficient application management are just a few examples.

We at created some main points so we can ease the process for you of finding a new tenant.

The main points

  • Working with a leasing agent, holding a for-rent open house, and using a rental listing website are all good ways to find tenants.
  • The best local property managers frequently have waiting lists of ready-to-rent qualified tenants.
  • Landlords screen tenants based on a variety of criteria, such as credit score, income-to-rent ratio, background check, and pet ownership, after collecting rental applications.

First things first, we are all asking ourselves:

What makes an excellent tenant?

When choosing a tenant or merr jep banesa, you should check to see that they can and will pay the rent in full and on time each month, and that they will take care of your property.

This can be determined in a number of ways, including by conducting a credit check to get an idea of their financial responsibility, requesting proof of their current income (generally, you want to make sure the tenants earn at least three times the monthly rent), and looking at their rental history to see if they have paid rent on time in the past.

Additional considerations include determining whether the intended occupant will be clean and conscious of your property during their tenure. You can once more consider indicating factors like rental and eviction history, despite the fact that this is harder to determine.

There are some common methods for locating excellent tenants

A good tenant can be priceless, but finding tenants for banesa me qera prishtine 2021 is not always as simple as it may appear. Fortunately, if a landlord knows where to look, there are a number of good ways to find potential tenants:

Manager/leasing agent of the property

The best property managers or patundshmeri prishtine know a lot about the local rental market and may already have tenants who are ready, willing, and qualified to rent.

In order to shorten the amount of time a property is vacant, good managers and leasing agents know how to advertise the property's desirable features and spot potential red flags when showing it.

Open house

Since real estate agents who sell homes hold open houses, a landlord shouldn't have to either.

In the present day and age, an open house for an investment property should be possible face to face or essentially with an intelligent 3D visit. Holding an investment property open house can likewise be an effective method for bringing up novel elements of the home, get an underlying feeling of imminent occupants, and examine candidate capabilities, for example, pay-to-lease proportion, pet charges, and move-in dates.

Rental listing websites

Virtually every demographic group utilizes rental listing websites as online resources to locate a rental property.

By quickly reaching a greater number of potential tenants and saving time and money, landlords who use a rental listing website can rent a vacant property more quickly. Additionally, automated rent collection and tenant screening are optional features offered by many rental listing websites.

Sign that says "For rent"

Placing a "For rent" sign in the front yard or window can be a simple but very effective way to find a new tenant. Frequently imminent occupants pass through the local area searching for a home to lease, or the neighbors could know about somebody who is searching for a rental nearby. Consider including a website address for the property, make sure the contact phone number is visible from the street.

Social media

Share a rental property on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to make the world aware that a great home is available for rent and take advantage of the network effect.

Due to the fact that almost everyone uses social media as part of their daily routine, asking friends and family to do the same on their social networks can help spread the word much more quickly.

Another good place to advertise a rental property is the Facebook Marketplace. Then, on Instagram, you can follow up with a status update and a picture of the rental property.

Flyers printing

Handing out flyers is another way to spread the word about an open house or a property that is available for rent. Consider a rental property flyer to be a large classified ad, and include the following information for potential tenants:

  • Property depiction
  • Month to month lease
  • Accessible move-in date
  • Landowner or property supervisor telephone number
  • Property site address
  • Online entertainment accounts

Bulletin boards

Public places with a lot of foot traffic, such as grocery stores, churches and community centers, and laundromats, typically have bulletin boards that the general public can use.

Post a copy of the flyer for the rental property that was handed out, using photos and a headline that grabs attention as well as tear-off tabs with contact information for potential renters to take with them as they walk by.

Final remarks

It's not enough to just find good tenants. There are a few things you can do to ensure that your tenant has a stress-free renting experience and wants to stay in your property for a longer period of time so that you can avoid going through this entire process every year or even more frequently with costly evictions.

Last but not least, tenants frequently decide to move due to what they see as unfair rent increases. Therefore, despite the fact that it makes good business sense to regularly raise the rent by a small amount to keep the rent in line with the rates that are currently being paid by the market, significant increases will frequently cause your tenants to leave. It's possible that the subsequent vacancy will cost you more than the rent increase would.