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Ecosystem Questions with Answers

51. The simplest aquatic ecosystem can be seen in a

52. What is lentic habitat ?

53. Plants adapted to open, sunny habitats are

54. Plants which grow in shade are called

55. Plants which grow in light are called

56. Thorn forests are found in the ............................ regions

57. What is lotic habitat?

58. Lotic ecosystem refers to

59. What is symbiosis?

60. What is Dendrology?

61. The major reservoir of carbon is

62. Ecology is

63. What is edge species?

64. What is hibernation and aestivation?

65. The complex network of interconnected food chains is called ............................

66. Green Land biome

67. What is Canopy?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Ecosystem

Ecosystem Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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