Botany Quiz Question with Answer

41. The instrument, which is used for sowing of seed with fertilizer together at a time, is

  1. Seed drill
  2. Dibbler
  3. Seed sowing behind plough
  4. Ferti-cum Seed drill

42. The main atmospheric layer near the surface of earth is

  1. Troposphere
  2. Mesosphere
  3. Ionosphere
  4. Stratosphere

43. The main function of NABARD is

  1. Farmers loaning
  2. Agricultural research
  3. Refinancing to agricultural financing institutions
  4. Development of agriculture

44. The newspaper contains one of the following toxic material

  1. Mg
  2. Cd
  3. Pb
  4. Hg.

45. The pH in soils can be raised by adding:

  1. Sand
  2. lime
  3. sulphur
  4. nitrogen

46. The process by which nutrient chemicals or contaminants are dissolved and carried away by water, or are moved into a lower layer of soil

  1. Mulching
  2. Desertification
  3. Incineration
  4. Leaching

47. The word Agriculture is derived from

  1. Greek
  2. Latin
  3. Arabic
  4. French

48. The worst enemy of ozone is

  1. Liquid NH3
  2. SO2
  3. CH4
  4. CO.

49. Thermal pollution is more common near

  1. Hot water springs
  2. Coal based power plants
  3. Tropical regions
  4. Temperate regions.

50. Tissue culture is a good technique to

  1. Cross two varieties
  2. Rapidly increase the size of a trees by strengthening the stem
  3. Eliminate virus
  4. Improve yield of crops

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