Unix Quiz Question with Answer

41. The program contained in boot block, that loads kernel into memory is called

  1. Disk Bootstrap program
  2. Master boot program
  3. Shell program
  4. None of the above

42. The second set of the three permissions (r-) indicates that

  1. group has read permission only
  2. other has read permission only
  3. owner has read permission only
  4. group has write permission only

43. The shell metacharacter $# represents

  1. Total number of arguments supplied to the shell script
  2. Total number of files in the current directory
  3. Total number of users who have logged in
  4. Total number of processes running in the background

44. The size of any block in the unix file system is

  1. 512 bytes
  2. 1024 bytes
  3. 2048 bytes
  4. Any of the above

45. The state of the file system is contained in

  1. Boot block
  2. A special block created by Book Block
  3. Super Block
  4. None of the above

46. To ascertain what are the contents of the file in your the system the best way would be

  1. Do a cat command on each file and find its contents
  2. Use the command cat*
  3. Use the command file*
  4. None of the above

47. To change the access time of a file to 12:40 PM on 26th Jan 1997 the command would be

  1. Touch –a 2601971240 file
  2. Touch –a 1240260197 file
  3. Touch –a 0126124097 file
  4. Touch –a 9701261240 file

48. To find the block size on your file system the command is

  1. Blksz
  2. Szblk
  3. Chksz
  4. Cmchk

49. To read the stale news the option available is

  1. news –a
  2. Delete the file /usr/news
  3. Delete the file _news.time
  4. Delete the file .news_time

50. To see the last access time of various files in a file system the command is

  1. Is-Iu
  2. Is-I
  3. Is-acc
  4. Is-mt

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