Units and Dimensions Quiz Question with Answer

11. In cesium atomic clock ..............is used.

  1. cesium-122 atom
  2. cesium-132 atom
  3. cesium-133 atom
  4. cesium-134 atom

12. In which of following system, scientific data can be exchanged between different parts of the world?

  1. M.K.S.
  2. C.G.S.
  3. F.P.S.
  4. S.I

13. Instrumental error can be minimised by

  1. taking large number of readings.
  2. using different accurate instrument for the same reading.
  3. adjusting zero of the instrument.
  4. maintaining the temperature of the surrounding.

14. Light year is a unit for the measurement of

  1. distance
  2. time
  3. temperature
  4. luminous intensity

15. Maxwells equations relate to

  1. law of gravitation
  2. basic laws of electromagnetism
  3. laws of electrostatics
  4. nuclear model of an atom

16. Nano size of gold has ..............colour.

  1. yellow
  2. red
  3. pink
  4. orange

17. Out of the following units, which is NOT a fundamental unit?

  1. newton
  2. second
  3. pound
  4. kg

18. S.I system of unit contains ..............supplementary unit.

  1. 7
  2. 2
  3. many
  4. 4

19. Significant figures depends upon the ..............of the measuring instrument.

  1. length
  2. readings
  3. number
  4. accuracy

20. State the number of significant figures in6.032 J

  1. 4
  2. 3
  3. 2
  4. 1

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