Tissue Quiz Question with Answer

11. Tendons and ligaments are

  1. connective tissue
  2. associated with the bones
  3. found in vertebrates
  4. all the above

12. Tendons connect

  1. nerve to muscle
  2. muscle to muscle
  3. bone to bone
  4. bone to muscle

13. The cell division is restricted to

  1. meristematic cells
  2. permanent cells
  3. secretory cells
  4. all the above

14. The end of a long bone is connected to another bone by

  1. ligament
  2. tendon
  3. cartilage
  4. muscle

15. Tissue that forms a complete communication system and performs function of information transmission is

  1. endoplasmic tissues
  2. centrosome tissue
  3. nucleotide tissue
  4. nervous tissue

16. Tissue which is found in abdomen, around kidneys and under skin is called

  1. nerve tissues
  2. skeletal tissues
  3. cardiac tissues
  4. adipose tissue

17. Transpiration and exchange of gases are functions of

  1. stomata
  2. xylem
  3. both (a) and (b)
  4. neither (a) nor (b)

18. Which are the four types of animal tissues?

  1. Epithelial, Squamous, Muscular, Connective
  2. Epithelial, connective, Muscular, Cardiac
  3. Connective, Muscular, Epithilial, Nervous
  4. Cuboidal, Ciliated, Glandular, Columnar

19. Which are the two types of tissues?

  1. Meristematic and permanent
  2. Meristematic and temporary
  3. Meristems and temporary
  4. None of the above

20. Which of the following tissues is composed of mainly dead cells?

  1. Phloem
  2. Epidermis
  3. Xylem
  4. Endodermis

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