SEO Quiz Question with Answer

11. Indexing of websites on the internet for the use of search engines is done by

  1. Algorithms
  2. Spiders
  3. Quality Raters
  4. None of the abve

12. Keyword research helps you:

  1. Determine the keyword density on your website
  2. Explore the competitiveness of the keywords and estimated amount of traffic for those keywords
  3. Find out how to use keywords in the content
  4. None of the abve

13. MOZs keyword analysis tool, Ravens research central and advanced web ranking are all example of tools used in:

  1. link building
  2. URL structuring
  3. Keyword research tools
  4. None of the abve

14. Pagespeed insight is a tool that can help you fix parts of the website that might be having a negative effect on the site speed. Those parts include:

  1. Optimization of images, keyword density, and friendly URLs,
  2. Optimization of images, reducing server response time, browser cashing and avoiding redirects
  3. Optimization of images, optimization of videos and monitoring statistics
  4. None of the abve

15. Should responsive design be favored over websites with separate versions for mobiles and computers?

  1. it does not make a difference
  2. no. Separate versions are better
  3. Google prefers websites with responsive design
  4. None of the abve

16. Suppose you want a page to pass on value but not to be indexed, which tag would you use?

  1. meta robots = no index, no follow
  2. meta robots = no index, follow
  3. meta robots = index, no follow
  4. None of the abve

17. The canonical tag is used to inform search engines

  1. which URL to count as authoritative when dealing with several URLs leading to the same page
  2. which pages is the homepage of a website
  3. which pages should not show up in SERPs
  4. None of the abve

18. The first Panda update (also known as farmer) targeted which type of websites in specific?

  1. Social media pages
  2. Blogs about SEO techniques
  3. Content farms/Link farms
  4. None of the abve

19. The long-tail on search demand curve accounts for roughly ..........of search traffic

  1. 70%
  2. 50%
  3. 10%
  4. None of the abve

20. The Meta Robots tag should be placed in which part of an HTML file?

  1. the head area
  2. the main body
  3. the footer r bottom of the page
  4. None of the abve

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