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Respiration Questions with Answers

51. Tachypnoea means

52. Advantage of Double Bohr effect is

53. Which one is a Non – reversible pulmonary disease in which the bronchi are blocked with mucous and infection and rupture of alveoli

54. Myoglobin is a muscle hemoglobin which exhibits Hyperbolic oxygen dissociation curve indicating its great affinity towards Oxygen ( Non cooperative binding ). The Hyperbolic nature of the curve is due to

55. Cloacal respiration is found in

56. Pulmonary ventilation is

57. Spirometry is used

58. Bohr effect shifts the O2 – Hb dissociation curve to right

59. At high altitude, the number of RBC increases

60. The chief difference between Trachea and Bronchioles is

61. Hering Breur Reflex serves as a protective mechanism to prevent

62. The Bronchial tree is connected with the brain by


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Respiration

Respiration Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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