Operations Research Quiz Question with Answer

41. Any set of non.negative allocations (Xij>0) which satisfies the raw and column sum (rim requirement )is called a

  1. Linear programming
  2. Basic feasible solution
  3. Feasible solution
  4. None of the above

42. Any solution to a LPP which satisfies the non. negativity restrictions of the LPP is called its

  1. Unbounded solution
  2. Optimal solution
  3. Feasible solution
  4. Both A and B

43. As for maximization in assignment problem, the objective is to maximize the

  1. Profit
  2. optimization
  3. cost
  4. None of the above

44. Assignment problem helps to find a maximum weight identical in nature in a weighted

  1. Tripartite graph
  2. Bipartite graph
  3. Partite graph
  4. None of the above

45. Basic cells indicate positive values and non. basic cells have..........value for flow

  1. Negative
  2. Positive
  3. One
  4. zero

46. Before starting to solve the problem, it should be balanced. If not then make it balanced by..........column incase demand is less than supply or by adding.........................raw incase supply is less than the demand

  1. O,D
  2. m,n
  3. Horizontal, Vertical
  4. Unshipped supply, Shortage

47. Currently, LPP is used in solving a wide range of practical

  1. Business problems
  2. Agricultural problems
  3. Manufacturing problems
  4. None of the above

48. Decision variables are

  1. Controllable
  2. Uncontrollable
  3. Parameters
  4. None of the above

49. Dual of the dual is

  1. Primal
  2. Dual
  3. Alternative
  4. None of the above

50. Every LPP is associated with another LPP is called

  1. Primal
  2. Dual
  3. Non.linear programming
  4. None of the above

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