Nucleic Acid Quiz Question with Answer

11. The structural feature that allows DNA to replicate is the

  1. twisting of the molecule to form an á helix.
  2. sugar-phosphate backbone.
  3. complementary pairing of the nitrogenous bases.
  4. none of these

12. What name is given to the reactants in an enzymatically catalyzed reaction?

  1. products
  2. substrate
  3. EA
  4. none of these

13. Which of the following are nitrogenous bases of the purine type?

  1. guanine and adenine
  2. uracil and cytosine
  3. cytosine and guanine
  4. none of these

14. Which of the following are nitrogenous bases of the pyrimidine type?

  1. thymine and guanine
  2. cytosine and uracil
  3. guanine and adenine
  4. none of these

15. Which of the following describe(s) some aspect of metabolism?

  1. synthesis of macromolecules
  2. breakdown of macromolecules
  3. control of enzyme activity
  4. A, B, and C

16. Which of these is a difference between DNA and RNA?

  1. DNA contains thymine; RNA contains uracil.
  2. In DNA, adenine pairs with guanine; in RNA, adenine pairs with thymine.
  3. DNA consists of five different nucleotides; RNA consists of four different nucleotides.
  4. none of these

17. Which organic molecule below is most closely related to lipids?

  1. nucleotides
  2. amino acids
  3. CH2 chains
  4. none of thes

18. Which organic molecule below is most closely related to nucleic acids?

  1. nucleotides
  2. sugars
  3. CH2 chains
  4. none of these

19. Which term most precisely describes the cellular process of breaking down large molecules into smaller ones?

  1. catalysis
  2. catabolism
  3. anabolism
  4. none of these

20. Without enzymes, the chemical reactions in the body would

  1. occur too slowly to support life processes.
  2. require a different pH.
  3. occur at much the same rate as they do with enzymes.
  4. none of these

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