Computer Graphics Quiz Question with Answer

21. A three dimensional object can also be represented using

  1. Method
  2. Equation
  3. Point
  4. None of these

22. In orthographic projection, the projection lines are ............... to the projection plane.

  1. Parallel
  2. Orthogonal
  3. Inclined
  4. Any of the above

23. Plasma device converts

  1. Electrical energy into light
  2. Light into electrical energy
  3. Light into graphical energy
  4. None of these

24. Three dimensional computer graphics become effective In the late

  1. 1960
  2. 1980
  3. 1970
  4. 1950

25. Visible section of an ear is called

  1. inner ear
  2. middle ear
  3. medium ear
  4. outer ear

26. What is another term to describe vector animation?

  1. Vector
  2. Path animation
  3. Alpha
  4. Animation

27. What is used in graphics workstation as input devices to accept voice commands.

  1. Touch panels
  2. Speech recognizers
  3. Both a and b
  4. None of the above

28. ............... is a rigid body transformation that moves objects without deformation.

  1. Rotation
  2. Scaling
  3. Translation
  4. All of the mentioned

29. In the term ortho-graphic, ‘orthos means

  1. Drawing
  2. Straight
  3. Projection
  4. View

30. Photoreceptors of eyes that are been saturated and active by sudden light are called

  1. cones
  2. lens
  3. corneas
  4. rods

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