Blockchain Quiz Question with Answer

11. What does P2P stand for?

  1. Password to Password
  2. Peer to Peer
  3. Product to Product
  4. Private Key to Public Key

12. What is a blockchain?

  1. A distributed ledger on a peer to peer network
  2. A type of cryptocurrency
  3. An exchange
  4. A centralized ledger

13. What is a miner?

  1. A type of blockchain
  2. An algorithm that predicts the next part of the chain
  3. A person doing calculations to verify a transaction
  4. Computers that validate and process blockchain transactions

14. What is a node?

  1. A type of cryptocurrency
  2. A blockchain
  3. A computer on a blockchain network
  4. An exchange

15. What is a private key?

  1. A key on your key chain
  2. A key given to the public
  3. A key NOT to be given to the public
  4. A key that opens a secret door

16. Where can you buy cryptocurrency?

  1. A private transaction
  2. An exchange
  3. A bitcoin ATM
  4. All of the above

17. Where do you store your cryptocurrency?

  1. Bank account
  2. Floppy Disk
  3. Wallet
  4. In your pocket

18. Where is the LEAST SAFE place to keep your cryptocurrency?

  1. In your pocket
  2. On an exchange
  3. On a hot wallet
  4. At your work desk

19. Which is NOT apart of asymmetric encryption?

  1. Mining
  2. Public key
  3. Passphrase
  4. Private Key

20. Which of the following is asymmetric encryption Algorithm?

  1. Blowfish
  2. Twofish
  3. RSA
  4. Tripple DEA

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