Accuracy and Precision Quiz Question with Answer

11. The intensive physical properties of a substance are important because they:

  1. allow us to determine how much of the substance is required in a chemical reaction.
  2. help us identify or characterize the substance.
  3. provide information about the atomic structure of the substance.

12. The reason for organizing, analyzing, and classifying data is

  1. so that computers can be used.
  2. to prove a law.
  3. to find relationships among the data.
  4. to separate qualitative and quantitative data.

13. What is the result of the following calculation, reported to the correct number of significant figures? 0.12g + 0.003g = ?

  1. 0.123g
  2. 0.12g
  3. 0.1g
  4. 0.g

14. What type of error will “wetting” by the expansion liquid in a stem thermometer along the stems bore give rise to?

  1. Systematic
  2. Random assignable cause.
  3. Gross

15. When applied to scientific measurements, the words accuracy and precision

  1. are used interchangeably.
  2. have limitations.
  3. can cause uncertainty in experiments.
  4. have distinctly different meanings

16. Which is the term used for the measurement of the average kinetic energy of the particles of a substance?

  1. density
  2. temperature
  3. length
  4. mass

17. Which of the following is a chemical property of a substance?

  1. Solubility of Sodium Chloride in Water = 35 g/100mL
  2. Melting Point of Water = 0 degree Centigrade
  3. Cadmiun metal dissolves in Nitric Acid, producing a Blue tinted solution.
  4. Density of Hexane =0.67 g/mL.

18. Which of the following is a physical process?

  1. An antique silver spoon has tarnished significantly.
  2. Sand is filtered from Sea Water.
  3. Metallic Sodium dulls when exposed to Air.
  4. A pot roast is cooked in an oven.

19. Which of the following is an extensive physical property of matter?

  1. length
  2. melting point
  3. color
  4. freezing point

20. Which of the following types of errors can be traced to an defect in the measuring instrument?

  1. Systematic
  2. Random
  3. Gross

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