The Sound of Music Quiz Question with Answer

21. Who changed the perception of the Shehnai?

  1. Tansen
  2. Evelyn
  3. Bismillah Khan
  4. All

22. Who do you know is Bismillah Khan?

  1. a politician
  2. a shehnai maestro
  3. an actor
  4. a writer

23. Who helped Evelyn to continue with her music?

  1. her mother
  2. teacher
  3. father
  4. Ron Forbes

24. Who thought of improving the sound of the Pungi?

  1. a musician
  2. a singer
  3. a barber
  4. none

25. Who was deaf in the lesson?

  1. Evelyn
  2. Ron Forbes
  3. Bismillah Khan
  4. Evelyn's mother

26. Why did people discourage Evelyn to pursue music?

  1. it was not considered good
  2. it was difficult
  3. it was expensive
  4. because she was deaf

27. Why was Evelyn's hearing severely impaired?

  1. Due to gradual nerve damage
  2. Due to the bomb explosion
  3. Due to accident
  4. Due to falling from stairs

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