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Nelson Mandela - Long Walk to Freedom Quiz Question with Answer

1. What does the narrator mean by – "that long and noble line ended and now begin again with me".

  1. he broke the line and stood himself in the first place.
  2. all the old noblemen of South Africa died and a new leader was born.
  3. the fellow patriots of Mandela sacrificed their lives but now South Africa had got freedom in Mandela's leadership.
  4. Mandela will become the world leader now.

2. What does Nelson Mandela mean when he says "Perhaps it requires such depth of oppression to create such heights of character."

  1. People must undergo oppression to become great.
  2. Oppression turns people violent.
  3. Oppression creates a strong character in those affected.
  4. Oppression creates rivalry among people.

3. How many Deputy Presidents were elected?

  1. three
  2. one
  3. two
  4. none of these

4. Why did other countries break off diplomatic relations with South Africa?

  1. Other countries are racial
  2. Due to Apartheid policy
  3. It is a poor country
  4. Due to its White rulers

5. What has Nelson Mandela achieved?

  1. Political emancipation
  2. Political love
  3. Political goodness
  4. None of the Above

6. What was it, that the nation needed to be liberated from?

  1. gender discrimination
  2. deprivation
  3. poverty
  4. all of these

7. The spectacular array of South African jets was a display of

  1. military's loyalty to democracy
  2. military precision and loyalty
  3. military's precision
  4. none of these

8. What colours does the new South African flag possess?

  1. orange, black, yellow, blue and silver
  2. black, red, green, blue and gold
  3. black, red, yellow, blue and gold
  4. black, blue, violet, saffron and green

9. The structure they created formed the basis of one of the harshest, most inhumane, societies the world has ever known. What structure is Mandela talking about?

  1. Discrimination against the poor
  2. Racial domination against the black skinned
  3. Poverty and suffering
  4. oppression of women

10. Whom did Mandela want to thank but couldn't?

  1. Military
  2. his family
  3. African patriots who no longer existed
  4. white rulers

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