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The Road Not Taken Quiz Question with Answer

1. According to the poet both paths were looking similar in that

  1. Morning
  2. Night
  3. Evening
  4. Afternoon

2. Choice of road signifies

  1. too many things
  2. two paths
  3. toughness of a choice and decision in life
  4. none

3. Here the road symbolizes the road of

  1. Heave
  2. Better future
  3. Life
  4. Past memories

4. How many choice of roads were there

  1. Three
  2. One
  3. Four
  4. Two

5. Poets long stare at the path signifies

  1. the time taken by people to decide and making a choice
  2. poet loves nature
  3. idling away of time
  4. relaxation hours

6. Sigh means

  1. Light breath
  2. Deep breath
  3. No breath
  4. Hast breath

7. The colour of the wood was

  1. Green
  2. Yellow
  3. Brown
  4. Red

8. The dilemma of the poet is ?

  1. whether he will be able to come back to the second road or not
  2. whether he will get time for himself
  3. whether he will be successful
  4. whether he will be able to walk

9. The name of the poet of this poem is

  1. John Keats
  2. William James
  3. William Wordsworth
  4. Robert Frost

10. The poet able to travel one road only

  1. because he had to walk alone
  2. because he had no vehicle
  3. because he was one person
  4. all

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Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on The Road Not Taken

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