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In the Kingdom of Fools Quiz Question with Answer

1. What was the price of all things during the foolish king's rule?

  1. 1 duddu each
  2. 4 duddu each
  3. 5 duddu each
  4. 2 duddu each

2. What did the guru and his disciple find at the grocery shop?

  1. a duddu
  2. same price for all the things
  3. many beautiful things
  4. none

3. According to the Guru, the first person to get executed will reborn as a

  1. A king
  2. A goldsmith
  3. A minister
  4. A saint

4. What does this story speak about?

  1. a kingdom ruled by a foolish king and his silly minister
  2. kings and their ministers
  3. kings
  4. all

5. Who distracted the wall maker while he was building up the merchant's wall?

  1. A singing girl with bangles
  2. A dancing girl with jingling anklets
  3. A dancing girl with jingling bangles
  4. A monk

6. What did the Guru plead to the king to save his disciple?

  1. admired the king
  2. The king was great
  3. to kill him first and later his disciple
  4. none

7. What does this story throw light upon?

  1. always be happy
  2. kings and their ministers
  3. foolish people and the dangers they pose
  4. wise people

8. Why did the king postpone the execution to the next day in the story In the Kingdom of Fools'?

  1. Because he didn't want to give over his kingdom in the next life
  2. Because he didn't want to execute the guru
  3. Because he wasn't sure of the guilty
  4. Because he wanted to execute the merchant the next day

9. Why was the merchant not executed?

  1. because he pleaded before the king
  2. because he was crying
  3. because he was too thin to fit in the stake
  4. none

10. Why did the goldsmith couldn't finish making the dancing girl's jewelry?

  1. Because he was out of the city
  2. Because he had to complete the rich merchant's order
  3. Because he got sick
  4. Because someone destroyed his shop

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