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Dive into the rich tapestry of English literature with our comprehensive collection of multiple-choice questions and answers. Whether you're a student studying literature, a literature enthusiast, or simply intrigued by the classics, our meticulously curated selection covers a wide range of topics. Explore the works of renowned authors, delve into literary periods and movements, analyze themes, characters, and plot structures across various genres. With our user-friendly interface and detailed explanations, mastering the intricacies of English literature has never been more engaging and accessible. Start your journey towards understanding the depth and beauty of English literary tradition today!

English Literature Questions with Answers

1. Who is praised as a hero by Carlyle in his lecture on the Hero as King?

2. Who is Thomas Percy in Henry IV, Pt I?

3. Who wrote the poem Defence of Lucknow?

4. Who, among the following writers, was not educated at Christs Hospital School, London?

5. Who, among the following, is not connected with the Oxford Movement?

6. Who, among the following, is not the second generation of British Romantics?

7. A verse form using stanza of eight lines, each with eleven syllables, is known as?

8. Carlyles work On Heroes, HeroWorship and the Heroic in History is a course of?

9. Estella is the daughter of?

10. Graham Greenes novels are marked by?

11. Hamlets famous speech To be,or not to be; that is the question occurs in?

12. Identify the character in The Tempest who is referred to as an honest old counselor

13. Identify the character who is a supporter of Womens Rights in Sons and Lovers?

14. Identify the poet, whom Queen Victoria, regarded as the perfect poet of love and loss—

15. Identify the rhetorical figure used in the following line of Tennyson Faith un-faithful kept him falsely true.

16. Identify the work by Ruskin which began as a defence of contemporary landscape artist especially Turner?

17. Identify the work by Swinburne which begins when the hounds of spring are on winters traces..”?

18. Identify the writer who first used blank verse in English poetry?

19. Identify the writer who was expelled from Oxford for circulating a pamphlet

20. In Leda and the Swan, who wooes Leda in guise of a swan?

21. In Pride and Prejudice, Lydia elopes with?

22. In Sons and Lovers, Paul Morels mothers name is?

23. In the poem Tintern Abbey, dearest friend refers to?

24. Joe Gargery is Pips?

25. Keatss Endymion is dedicated to?

26. Mr. Jaggers, in Great Expectations, is a

27. One important feature of Jane Austens style is?

28. Paradise Lost was originally written in?

29. Shelleys Adonais is an elegy on the death of?

30. T. S. Eliot has borrowed the term Unreal City in the first and third sections from?

31. Tennysons poem In Memoriamwas written in memory of?

32. The Aesthetic Movement which blossomed during the 1880s was not influenced by?

33. The epigraph of The Waste Land is borrowed from?

34. The following lines are an example .......... of image. The river sweats Oil and tar

35. The main character in Paradise Lost Book I and Book II is?

36. The novel The Power and the Glory is set in?

37. The second series of Essays of Elia by Charles Lamb was published in?

38. The term the Palliser Novels is used to describe the political novels of?

39. The title of the poem The Second Coming is taken from?

40. The twins in Lord of the Flies are?

41. Vanity Fair is a novel by?

42. W. B. Yeats used the phrase the artifice of eternity in his poem?

43. What does I stand for in the following line? To Carthage then I came

44. What is the sub-title of the play Twelfth Night?

45. Which book of John Ruskin influenced Mahatma Gandhi?

46. Which of the following is Goldings first novel?

47. Which of the following is the first novel of D. H. Lawrence?

48. Which of the following myths does not figure in The Waste Land?

49. Which of the following novels has the sub-title A Novel Without a Hero?

50. Which of the following plays of Shakespeare has an epilogue?


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English Literature Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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