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English Literature Quiz Question with Answer

1. Who is praised as a hero by Carlyle in his lecture on the Hero as King?

  1. Johnson
  2. Cromwell
  3. Shakespeare
  4. Luther

2. Who is Thomas Percy in Henry IV, Pt I?

  1. Earl of Northumberland
  2. Earl of March
  3. Earl of Douglas
  4. Earl of Worcester

3. Who wrote the poem Defence of Lucknow?

  1. Browning
  2. Tennyson
  3. Swinburne
  4. Rossetti

4. Who, among the following writers, was not educated at Christs Hospital School, London?

  1. Charles Lamb
  2. William Wordsworth
  3. Leigh Hunt
  4. S. T. Coleridge

5. Who, among the following, is not connected with the Oxford Movement?

  1. Robert Browning
  2. John Keble
  3. E. B. Pusey
  4. J. H. Newman

6. Who, among the following, is not the second generation of British Romantics?

  1. Keats
  2. Wordsworth
  3. Shelley
  4. Byron

7. A verse form using stanza of eight lines, each with eleven syllables, is known as?

  1. Spenserian Stanza
  2. Ballad
  3. OttavaRima
  4. Rhyme Royal

8. Carlyles work On Heroes, HeroWorship and the Heroic in History is a course of?

  1. six lectures
  2. five lectures
  3. four lectures
  4. seven lectures

9. Estella is the daughter of?

  1. Joe Gargery
  2. Abel Magwitch
  3. Miss Havisham
  4. Bentley Drumnile

10. Graham Greenes novels are marked by?

  1. Catholicism
  2. Protestantism
  3. Paganism
  4. Buddhism

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