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The Thiefs Story Question with Answer

1. What could be the reason for Hari Singh for not catching the Lucknow express?

  1. He felt guilty and bad
  2. he felt sad and was worried about how Anil would feel.
  3. He lost the chance to get away because he was late
  4. None of the above

2. Why Hari does not have any friend?

  1. He believes that friends were more trouble than help
  2. He hesitates to make friends
  3. He was a thief
  4. none of the above

3. How, according to Hari, would Anil feel upon finding out about the theft?

  1. angry
  2. acceptance
  3. fear
  4. sad

4. I knew that Anil's face, when he discovered the theft, would show only a touch of sadness. Why did Hari feel so?

  1. because he robbed Anil and betrayed him
  2. because he stole a rupee from the money for buying the day's supplies.
  3. because he changed his name frequently
  4. because he told him lie

5. Why did Hari Singh never buy a ticket?

  1. He was illiterate
  2. He did not have enough money
  3. He was a young boy
  4. None of the above

6. What could bring Hari more money?

  1. Education
  2. Robbery
  3. cooking
  4. all of the above

7. A clever and respected man, was something else. “Why did Hari say so?

  1. There are more opportunities of work for a clever and respected man
  2. A clever and respected man has more skills and knowledge about theft
  3. A clever and respected man can cook good food
  4. none of the above

8. Why did Anil not hand over the thief to the police?

  1. He understood his mistake
  2. He wanted to educate him for the better
  3. He was happy to see a change in him
  4. all of the above

9. Who was the only person Hari knew?

  1. Anil
  2. his former employer
  3. police officer
  4. His friend

10. Why was Hari feeling very nervous while going back to the room?

  1. He was worried that Anil might have discovered the theft
  2. He was feeling bad for stealing the money
  3. He was reluctant to return the money
  4. All of the above

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The Thiefs Story Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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