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Two Stories About Flying Quiz Question with Answer

1. How far was the narrator from Paris when he saw dark clouds in the sky?

  1. 200 km
  2. 100 km
  3. 50 km
  4. 150 km

2. The lesson His First Flight is about a

  1. pilot
  2. seagull
  3. parrot
  4. pigeon

3. The pilot was flying from which city to which city?

  1. England, France
  2. England, India
  3. France, England
  4. France, India

4. The pilot was not able to..........anything

  1. see
  2. hear
  3. speak
  4. all of them

5. The sight of.............maddened him.

  1. his brothers flying
  2. his siblings enjoying without him
  3. food
  4. all of the above

6. The title Black Aeroplane is based on?

  1. the aeroplane that helped the pilot
  2. the pilot's aeroplane
  3. aeroplane in the stormy sky
  4. none of the above

7. They looked like black mountains standing in front of me across the sky. What looked like black mountains?

  1. Black mountains
  2. Storm clouds
  3. tall buildings
  4. black plateau

8. What did his parents threaten him with if he didn't flew away?

  1. to never talk to him
  2. to punish him
  3. to starve him
  4. to abandon him

9. What did the seagull pretend was happening to him so that he could take his first flight?

  1. he was unconscious
  2. he was falling down the cliff
  3. he was falling asleep
  4. He lost his balance

10. What food did the seagull's mother get for it?

  1. earthworms
  2. fish
  3. insects
  4. rodents

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Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Two Stories About Flying

Two Stories About Flying Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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