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Karl Marx Question with Answer

1. Which one of the following is a reason why Marx cannot be rejected because of his ideological orientation?

  1. Marx argued that a violent overthrow of capitalism is the only way to end exploitation
  2. Marx was essentially a humanist not a blood thirsty revolutionary
  3. Marxism is the only sociological theory that is ideologically biased
  4. Marx tried to hide his ideological orientations

2. According to Karl Marx the present state will:

  1. Deliver goods with the passage of time
  2. Slowly benefit the workers
  3. Continue for long
  4. Will wither away

3. For Marx, human potential is actualized

  1. during the capitalist stage
  2. during the primitive stage
  3. when democracy is institutionalized
  4. in the objectification of products

4. What would Marx argue needs to happen to transform a societys culture?

  1. the mass media would need to be changed
  2. the economic foundation would remain the same
  3. the economic foundation would have to be changed
  4. new technologies would need to be introduced

5. According to Karl Marx workers:

  1. Should confine their activities to their country
  2. Should give maximum cooperation to the state
  3. Had no mother land
  4. Have a motherland to which they must stick

6. The bourgeoisie can transform its false consciousness into true class consciousness.

  1. true.
  2. false.

7. is the amount of socially necessary labor-time needed to produce an article under the normal conditions of production and with the average degree of skill and intensity of the time.

  1. exchange value
  2. use value
  3. surplus value
  4. labor theory of value

8. According to Marxian philosophy dialect:

  1. Means that action and reaction must be in the same direction
  2. None of the above
  3. It result of actions and reactions
  4. No actions and reactions but matter

9. Which one of the following is not true about Marxian Socialism?

  1. State promotes interests of all
  2. State sides with the rich and not the poor
  3. Capital is a theft
  4. State will wither away

10. Communist Manifesto was authored by:

  1. Laski
  2. George Bernard Shah
  3. Stalin
  4. Karl Marx

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