The Sound of Music MCQs Quiz Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

The Sound of Music MCQs questions answers

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MCQ quiz on The Sound of Music multiple choice questions and answers on The Sound of Music MCQ questions on The Sound of Music Beehive Prose Book for Class 9 Chapter 2 English CBSE NCERT objectives questions with answer online test mcqs pdf for exams preparations.

The Sound of Music Questions with Answers

1. According to Bismillah Khan, what is Hindustan's richest tradition?

2. Bismillah Khan took part in

3. From where did Shahnai get its name?

4. How did Evelyn hear music?

5. How did Evelyn perform at the audition of the Royal Academy of Music?

6. How long was the course that Evelyn pursued at the Royal Academy of Music?

7. What did Aurangzeb ban in his palace?

8. What was the name of Bismillah Khan's father?

9. When and where is shehnai played?

10. When did Bismillah get his first big break as a Shehnai performer?

11. When was Bismillah Khan awarded the highest civilian award Bharat Ratna?

12. When was Evelyn's deafness noticed?

13. Where all did Evelyn give free concerts?

14. Where did Bismillah give his first break through his performance?

15. Where did Bismillah play the Shehnai on 15th August 1947?

16. Where was the Royal music Academy?

17. Which film is named after Bismillah's instrument?

18. Which men did give trouble to Evelyn?

19. Which national award was conferred on Ustad Bismillah Khan?

20. Which places had Evelyn worked for?

21. Who changed the perception of the Shehnai?

22. Who do you know is Bismillah Khan?

23. Who helped Evelyn to continue with her music?

24. Who thought of improving the sound of the Pungi?

25. Who was deaf in the lesson?

26. Why did people discourage Evelyn to pursue music?

27. Why was Evelyn's hearing severely impaired?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

The Sound of Music Trivia Quiz

The Sound of Music Question and Answer PDF Online

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