Wind Class 9 Poem MCQs Quiz Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

Wind Class 9 Poem MCQs questions answers

Test Your Skills in Wind Class 9 Poem Quiz Online

MCQ quiz on Wind class 9 multiple choice questions and answers on wind poem MCQ questions on wind Class 9 Chapter 2 English Beehive Poems Book CBSE objectives questions with answer online test mcqs pdf for exam preparations.

Wind Class 9 Poem Questions with Answers

1. What does the poet want the wind to not throw down?

2. What is the moral of this poem?

3. The speaker is asking the wind not to throw down the

4. What does the poet want the wind to not scatter?

5. Name the things the wind had done.

6. What does the poet suggest to be friends with the wind?

7. How can we be friends with the wind?

8. Who broke the doors of the window?

9. What is winnowing called?

10. Tell a word in the poem which is the antonym of foolish?

11. What does the poet want the wind to do?

12. How does the poet want the wind to come?

13. Find a synonym for loyal from the poem

14. What does the word prosper mean in the poem?

15. What sort of houses does the poet ask us to make?

16. What is the effect of the wind on strong fires?

17. What is the effect of the wind on weak fires?

18. What does ‘crumbling hearts’ refer to?

19. Why does the poet want the wind to come softly?

20. Suggest a word that stands for to fix

21. Who is the poet of the poem?

22. Whom does the poet make a request to and address?

23. You brought rain again; Who does you refer to?

24. Why do people winnow the grain?

25. What should the people do to save their homes?

26. What is the central idea of this poem?

27. Who are affected by the wind?

28. Who is blown out by the wind?

29. What does the wind poke fun at?

30. Whom does wind God like?

31. Which figure of speech has been used in the poem?

32. The wind god winnows:


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Wind Class 9 Poem

Wind Class 9 Poem Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Wind Class 9 Poem Trivia Quiz

Wind Class 9 Poem Question and Answer PDF Online

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