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Wind Class 9 Poem Quiz Question with Answer

1. What does the poet want the wind to not throw down?

  1. Balls
  2. Dolls
  3. Books on the shelf
  4. Cups

2. What is the moral of this poem?

  1. be firm and strong and never be defeated by any obstacle
  2. pray to the wind
  3. don't be weak
  4. request the wind

3. The speaker is asking the wind not to throw down the

  1. beads
  2. jewels
  3. books
  4. letters

4. What does the poet want the wind to not scatter?

  1. Beads
  2. Jewels
  3. Letters
  4. Papers

5. Name the things the wind had done.

  1. brought rain
  2. torn the pages
  3. broke the doors of the window
  4. all

6. What does the poet suggest to be friends with the wind?

  1. build strong homes
  2. close the doors firmly
  3. have strong bodies and mind
  4. all

7. How can we be friends with the wind?

  1. by building strong homes
  2. having strong body
  3. having a strong heart
  4. all

8. Who broke the doors of the window?

  1. children
  2. a boy
  3. a naughty boy
  4. wind

9. What is winnowing called?

  1. cleaning process
  2. sorting process
  3. Barsana
  4. None

10. Tell a word in the poem which is the antonym of foolish?

  1. clever
  2. wise
  3. cunning
  4. all

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Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Wind Class 9 Poem

Wind Class 9 Poem Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Wind Class 9 Poem Trivia Quiz

Wind Class 9 Poem Question and Answer PDF Online

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