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Robert Burns MCQs questions answers

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Dive into the fascinating world of Scottish literature and culture with our trivia MCQs on Robert Burns, the renowned Scottish poet. Explore the life, works, and legacy of Burns through a diverse range of questions and answers, covering his famous poems, songs, and contributions to Scottish literature. Whether you're a literature enthusiast, a student of poetry, or simply curious about the life and times of this iconic figure, our carefully crafted quiz offers an engaging and educational experience. Delve into the richness of Burns' literary heritage and test your knowledge with our user-friendly interface and insightful explanations. Start your journey of discovery into the life and works of Robert Burns today!

Robert Burns Questions with Answers

1. An award was founded in 2002 to honour who in Burns name?

2. How many children did Burns have?

3. How old was Burns when he died in 1796?

4. It was claimed by the late David Gest that the work of Burns inspired what Michael Jackson song?

5. The poem Tam OShanter references which natural phenomenon in the skies?

6. What Burns work provided the title for a Ken Loach directed film?

7. What former republic or sovereign state featured Burns on a stamp?

8. What job did Burns do before becoming known for his poetry and song?

9. What was Robert Burns post in 1789-1796?

10. What was the horse in Tam OShanter called?

11. When did Robert Burns die?

12. When did Robert Burns publish Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect?

13. When was Robert Burns born?

14. Where did Robert Burns die?

15. Where is Burns buried?

16. Where was Poosie Nansies tavern – said to have inspired The Jolly Beggars – located?

17. Where was Robert Burns born?

18. Which British astronaut took a miniature book of Burns poetry into space?

19. Which modern American classic did not draw from Burns as an inspiration?

20. Which modern day poet recently described Burns as a sex pest?

21. Which of the following songs did Robert Burns claim to be a discovery?

22. Which of these creatures did Burns not write an ode to?

23. Which of these is not a nickname Burns was known by?

24. Which of these is not formally toasted at a Burns supper?

25. Which poem did Robert Burns write in 1791?

26. Which US city has a life-size replica of Burns first home in Alloway, South Ayrshire?

27. Which US president is said to have been able to recite Burns by heart?

28. Who did Burns refer to as the jewel o them a?

29. Whom did Robert Burns assist in editing The Scots Musical Museum?

30. Whom did Robert Burns marry?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Robert Burns

Robert Burns Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Robert Burns Trivia Quiz

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