A Truly Beautiful Mind MCQs Quiz Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

A Truly Beautiful Mind MCQs questions answers

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MCQ quiz on A Truly Beautiful Mind multiple choice questions and answers on A Truly Beautiful Mind MCQ questions on A Truly Beautiful Mind Beehive Prose Book for Class 9 Chapter 4 English CBSE NCERT objectives questions with answer online test mcqs pdf for exams preparations.

A Truly Beautiful Mind Questions with Answers

1. Albert' work on General Theory of Relativity was proclaimed by the newspapers as

2. Einstein' mother was bothered by the intelligence of

3. After finishing graduation, Albert worked as a

4. Albert found this fellow student to be

5. Approximately at what age did Einstein turn out to be a graduate?

6. At what age did Einstein do his graduation?

7. At what age did Einstein pass away?

8. Before securing a job what did Einstein do and which theory did he give to the world?

9. Both Einstein and his beloved worked on

10. By what age did Einstein not learn to speak?

11. Einstein decided to study at a university in

12. Einstein was deeply shaken due to the destruction caused by

13. Einstein's letter to his beloved had a mixture of

14. How many son(s) did Albert have with Mileva?

15. In which subject did Einstein receive Nobel Prize?

16. In which subjects was Einstein gifted and intereted?

17. In which year did Albert get a job as a technical expert?

18. Jokingly Albert's desk drawer at the office was termed as

19. Mileva was.............years older than Albert

20. The atomic explosion at Hiroshima and Nagasaki occurred in the year of

21. This woman fellow student was from

22. What did Albert's mother think of him?

23. What did Einstein call Mileva Maric?

24. What did Einstein love to play with?

25. What does this lesson A Truly Beautiful mind speak about?

26. What is the message of this lesson?

27. What was the famous formula that Einstein developed?

28. What was the name of the American President to whom Einstein wrote a letter to?

29. What was the name of the fellow student on whom Albert developed special interest?

30. When did Einstein begin to learn playing the violin?

31. When did Einstein complete his graduation?

32. When did Einstein get divorced?

33. When did Einstein get married?

34. When did Einstein have his second marriage?

35. When did Einstein publish his General Theory of Relativity?

36. When did Einstein secure a job?

37. When did the famous paper of Einstein “ Special Theory of Relativity” get published?

38. When did the Nazis come to power in Germany?

39. When was Einstein awarded with the Nobel prize?

40. When was Einstein born?

41. Where was this job location?

42. Which destruction is referred in the lesson?

43. Whom did Albert want to marry right after finishing studies?

44. Why did Einstein leave the school?

45. Why did she come to Switzerland?

46. Why has the author referred to the late speaking age of Einsten?

47. With whom did Einstein fall in love?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on A Truly Beautiful Mind

A Truly Beautiful Mind Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

A Truly Beautiful Mind Trivia Quiz

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