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Rain on The Roof Quiz Question with Answer

1. "And a thousand dreamy fancies"- What creates these dreamy fancies?

  1. The clouds
  2. The rainy night
  3. The sound of rain
  4. None

2. "As I list to this refrain"- What is being referred to as refrain?

  1. The repetitive rhythm of the rain
  2. The act of staying away
  3. Looking at the rains
  4. Holding on the raindrops

3. "As I listen to the patter"- Patter of what?

  1. Imagination
  2. Fantasies
  3. Raine
  4. Memories

4. "As she used in years agone"- Who is she?

  1. Poet
  2. Poet's sister
  3. Poet's mother
  4. Poet's long-gone friend

5. "Dreamy fancies" denotes

  1. Imaginative mind
  2. Peace of mind
  3. A blissful mind
  4. A practical mind

6. "Ere she left them till the dawn"- Who left?

  1. The rain
  2. Poet's mother
  3. Poet's sister
  4. None

7. "Every tinkle on the shingles"- What does this mean?

  1. Water droplets floating
  2. Stormy night
  3. Floods during rain
  4. Water droplets falling on the rooftop

8. "Gently weeps in rainy tears"- What does this phrase mean?

  1. Emotion of sobbing fiercely
  2. Emotion of soft tears rolling down
  3. Emotion of gratitude
  4. The emotion of gently passing by

9. "Has an echo in the heart"- Whose heart?

  1. Mother earth
  2. The poet
  3. Poet's mother
  4. None

10. "Into busy being start"- What/Who is referred to as "busy being" here?

  1. The poet
  2. Nature
  3. Poet's mother
  4. None

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Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Rain on The Roof

Rain on The Roof Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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