Rain on The Roof MCQs Quiz Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

Rain on The Roof MCQs questions answers

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MCQ quiz on Rain on The Roof multiple choice questions and answers on Rain on The Roof MCQ questions on Rain on The Roof Class 9 Chapter 3 English Beehive Poems Book CBSE objectives questions with answer online test mcqs pdf for exam preparations.

Rain on The Roof Questions with Answers

1. "And a thousand dreamy fancies"- What creates these dreamy fancies?

2. "As I list to this refrain"- What is being referred to as refrain?

3. "As I listen to the patter"- Patter of what?

4. "As she used in years agone"- Who is she?

5. "Dreamy fancies" denotes

6. "Ere she left them till the dawn"- Who left?

7. "Every tinkle on the shingles"- What does this mean?

8. "Gently weeps in rainy tears"- What does this phrase mean?

9. "Has an echo in the heart"- Whose heart?

10. "Into busy being start"- What/Who is referred to as "busy being" here?

11. "O! I feel her fond look on me"- Whose look?

12. "Which is played upon the shingles"- What is been played upon the shingles?

13. Approximately how many memories of the past hits the poet's mind while listening to the sound of rain?

14. Choose a word from the poem that indicates the time of the day

15. Choose the antonym of condemnation from the below words taken from the poem

16. Choose the phrase from the poem that describes the weather type before the rain

17. How is the rain falling on the rooftop?

18. In this poem, who are darling dreamers?

19. The humid shadows were..........over the night sky

20. The last stanza indicates that the poet's mother

21. The last stanza of the poem reflects

22. The poet here describes

23. The poet is lying on his

24. The word Shingles in this poem denotes

25. The word woof in this context suggests

26. Tinkle denotes

27. What differences does the sound of rain create in the poet's mind?

28. What do humid shadows mean?

29. What do you think about the age of the poet?

30. What does "list" mean in this poem?

31. What does "refrain" mean in this poem?

32. What does "starry spheres" mean?

33. What does dawn mean?

34. What does hover' mean?

35. What does melancholy mean?

36. What does the speaker describe as "bliss" in the poem?

37. What does weave mean?

38. What is described as "melancholy" in the poem?

39. What is the central theme of the poem?

40. What is the favorite activity of the speaker during the rain?

41. What is the impact of the tinkling of rain on the shingles?

42. What is the meaning of "patter"?

43. What is the significant memory described by the poet while he listens to the sound of rain?

44. What makes an echo in the poet's heart?

45. Where do the raindrops patter?

46. While listening to the sound of rain, the poet...............his memories of past life.

47. Who listens to the patter of the rain?

48. Who weeps gently in the rainy tears?

49. Who wrote the poem Rain On the Roof ?

50. Whose fond look the poet finds on himself?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Rain on The Roof

Rain on The Roof Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Rain on The Roof Trivia Quiz

Rain on The Roof Question and Answer PDF Online

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