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MCQ quiz on The Address multiple choice questions and answers on The Address MCQ questions on The Address Prose Snapshots Class 11 Chapter 2 English objectives questions with answer online test mcqs pdf for exam preparations.

The Address Prose Questions with Answers

1. “I was in a room I knew and did not know.” What does author mean by this?

2. According to the author, when do we notice the things in the house?

3. After reading “The Address”, how would you describe Mrs. Dorling?

4. At the end, what does the author decide?

5. Her face gave absolutely no sign of recognition.” Who is her?

6. How did Mrs. Dorling treat the author when the author visited her?

7. How does the author describe Mrs. Dorling when she saw her the first time during the war?

8. I thought that no one had come back.” Why does Mrs. Dorling say this?

9. I was in a room I knew and did not know.” What does author mean by this?

10. In total, how many times did the author visit the given address?

11. In what attire did the author find Mrs. Dorling?

12. In what condition did the author find the living room?

13. Mrs. Dorling took the possessions of the things on the pretence of

14. Mrs. Dorling's was.........of Mrs.

15. The author had come to visit Mrs. Dorling.............the war.

16. Unlike Mrs. Dorling, her daughter was.............towards the author.

17. Was the author convinced with her mother's idea of letting Mrs. Dorling take away their things?

18. What message does The Address talk about?

19. What was the address that the author's mother asked her to remember?

20. What was the protagonist's reaction when she entered the living-room?

21. What was the silver' that the author was once asked to clean by her mother?

22. What was the very first out of her mother's possessions that the protagonist could recognize?

23. Who is the author of “The Address”?

24. Who is the protagonist of “The Address”?

25. Why did the author leave Mrs. Dorling in a hurry?

26. Why did the objects lose their value for the author?

27. Why had the author come to visit Mrs. Dorling?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on The Address Prose

The Address Prose Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

The Address Prose Trivia Quiz

The Address Prose Question and Answer PDF Online

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