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Dive into the world of George Bernard Shaw's 'Arms and the Man' with our comprehensive collection of multiple-choice questions and answers. Whether you're a student studying literature, a fan of Shaw's works, or simply intrigued by this classic play, our meticulously curated selection covers a wide range of topics. Explore fundamental themes, character analysis, plot intricacies, and historical context in this satirical comedy. With our user-friendly interface and detailed explanations, mastering the nuances of 'Arms and the Man' has never been more engaging and accessible. Start your journey towards understanding this timeless piece of literature today!

Arms and the Man Questions with Answers

1. Why was Sergius charge successful?

2. Why has Sergius resigned his army commission?

3. Why does Bluntschli refuse to leave when Raina tries to kick him out?

4. Whose picture does Raina keep in her room at the start of the play?

5. Who realizes Raina is hiding an enemy soldier?

6. Who is standing on the balcony at the plays opening?

7. Who is Sergius?

8. Who expresses dismay about the cruelty of war?

9. Who does Catherine find to help Bluntschli?

10. Which of the following sits on the top of Rainas chest of drawers?

11. Where does Bluntschli hide?

12. When does the play take place?

13. What supposedly heroic thing has Sergius done?

14. What nationality is Blunschli?

15. What makes Sergiuss charge successful?

16. What literary character does Bluntschli compare Sergius to?

17. What job does Nicola earn at the end of the play?

18. What is the physical evidence that Raina has feelings for Bluntschli?

19. What is revealed about Bluntschli in Act Three?

20. What is Rainas nickname for Bluntschli

21. What is Louka willing to do to the Petkoffs, to advance her own social status?

22. What happens while Raina leaves to find her mother?

23. What does the play end in a flurry of?

24. What does the Petkoff family brag about?

25. What does Sergius do to Louka when they speak privately?

26. What does Raina boast her house has?

27. What does Petkoff do instead of using the electric bell to call the servants?

28. What does Louka tell Raina in the opening scene of the play?

29. What does Catherine Petkoff wear on all occasions?

30. What does Bluntschli use as a weapon against Raina?

31. What does Bluntschli help Sergius and Petkoff with?

32. What does Bluntschli compare a cavalry charge to?

33. What does Bluntschli accidentally leave on the ottoman when hiding?

34. What do Raina and Catherine lend Bluntschli?

35. What country does the play take place in?

36. To whom is Louka engaged?

37. To whom does Louka get engaged?

38. The Serbs are allied with members of which empire?

39. The play might not be described as of which subgenre?

40. The play is written in which form?

41. Rainas father holds what rank in the Bulgarian army?

42. Near what is the Petkoffs house situated?

43. In the first act who enters the room to deliver news to Raina?

44. In Act I, what does Louka tell Raina and Catherine should be done?

45. How long has Bluntschli been under fire for?

46. How does Bluntschli climb up to Rainas window?

47. From where does Bluntschli hail?

48. Catherine has what installed in the Petkoff house?

49. Bluntschli asks Raina to let him do what, when he is in her room?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Arms and the Man

Arms and the Man Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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