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MCQ quiz on Lost Spring multiple choice questions and answers on Lost Spring MCQ questions on Lost Spring Class 12 Chapter 2 English Flamingo Prose CBSE NCERT objectives questions with answer online test mcqs pdf for exam preparations.

Lost Spring Questions with Answers

1. Who is the author of Lost Spring?

2. This story is an excerpt from which book of the author?

3. What is the central theme of the story Lost Spring?

4. According to the author what was garbage for the parents?

5. Where was Saheb employed?

6. Why did Saheb leave his house?

7. Why did Saheb leave Dhaka?

8. Where is Seemapuri?

9. Is Saheb happy working at the tea stall?

10. Why is the author calling garbage as gold in the story?

11. What excuse do the rag pickers give for not wearing chappals?

12. What is the metaphorical symbol of Seemapuri in the lesson?

13. Name the birthplace of the author

14. What are the hazards of working in the glass bangles industry?

15. Who employs the local families of Firozabad?

16. What is the function of glass blowing industry?

17. What makes the working conditions of the children worst in the glass industry?

18. What compels the workers in bangle industry of Firozabad to poverty?

19. How is Mukesh’s attitude different from that of his family?

20. What are the reasons for the migration of people from villages to city in the lesson?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Lost Spring

Lost Spring Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Lost Spring Trivia Quiz

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