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Lost Spring Quiz Question with Answer

1. Who is the author of Lost Spring?

  1. Williams Worth
  2. Arundhati Roy
  3. Sudha Murthy
  4. Anees Jung

2. This story is an excerpt from which book of the author?

  1. Lost Spring – Stories of Stolen Childhood
  2. Unveiling India
  3. Breaking the Silence
  4. The Song of India

3. What is the central theme of the story Lost Spring?

  1. Pitiable Poor children and their lost childhood
  2. Garbage
  3. Saheb and Mukesh
  4. Spring Season

4. According to the author what was garbage for the parents?

  1. Means of entertainment
  2. Means of joy
  3. Means of sorrow
  4. Means of survival

5. Where was Saheb employed?

  1. At a tea stall in Seemapuri
  2. At a saree shop
  3. At a jewellery shop
  4. At a sweet shop

6. Why did Saheb leave his house?

  1. To enjoy a life of leisure
  2. To find friends
  3. Because the storm swept away his house and field
  4. To go to college

7. Why did Saheb leave Dhaka?

  1. Because of lack of resources
  2. Because of lack of enough food
  3. Because of friends
  4. Because of parents

8. Where is Seemapuri?

  1. In Noida
  2. South Delhi
  3. North Delhi
  4. East Delhi

9. Is Saheb happy working at the tea stall?

  1. Yes, why not
  2. Yes, he earns money
  3. No, he is earning but no freedom
  4. No earning

10. Why is the author calling garbage as gold in the story?

  1. Because of jewels in it
  2. Because of gems in it
  3. Because of gold in it
  4. Because of its encashment value

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