The Lost Child MCQs Quiz Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

The Lost Child MCQs questions answers

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Dive into the captivating narrative of 'The Lost Child' from Class 9 English with our comprehensive collection of multiple-choice questions and answers. Explore the poignant tale of a young child separated from his parents amidst the bustling fairground. Our meticulously curated quiz offers students and enthusiasts a platform to delve into the nuances of this timeless story, unraveling its themes, characters, and moral lessons. With user-friendly navigation and detailed explanations, deciphering the complexities of 'The Lost Child' becomes both educational and engaging. Embark on a literary journey today and discover the profound insights offered by this classic piece of literature!

The Lost Child Questions with Answers

1. At what point in the fair did the child lose his parents?

2. How did the flowering mustard-field look?

3. How did the generous man try to calm down the child?

4. How were the people dressed for the festival?

5. List the things that the generous man did after picking up the child?

6. Name the characters in the lesson .

7. Name the things that the child saw on his way to the fair?

8. The child wanted to have balloons yet he walked on. Why?

9. What did the child do when he realized that he had lost his way?

10. What did the child realize?

11. What did the child say as they passed by sweetmeat-shop?

12. What did the child speak repeatedly after losing his parents?

13. What did the child start doing when a shower of young flowers fell on him?

14. What did the child want to eat at the fair?

15. What did the child want to have at the flower shop?

16. What did the father do when the child said, I want that toy.?

17. What did the lost child say when a man asked him, Whose baby are you ?

18. What did the parents do when they reached a shady grove?

19. What did the parents say when the child lagged behind?

20. What does the childs refusal to all the attractive things show towards the end?

21. What does the story show?

22. What is the theme of the story?

23. What shop was there at the entrance of the fair?

24. When did the child realize that he had lost his way?

25. Where did the child go with his parents?

26. Who is the author of the lesson The Lost child?

27. Who said to the child: Come, child, come, come on to the footpath?

28. Who took the child to the fair?

29. Who was the little boy going with?

30. Why did the child keep moving without getting any answers?

31. Why did the child lag behind his parents?

32. Why did the child lose his interest in all the things he was interested earlier?

33. Why did the child say No to all the things he was earlier crying for?

34. Why were the parents holding the hand of their child?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on The Lost Child

The Lost Child Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

The Lost Child Trivia Quiz

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