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The Lost Child Question with Answer

1. At what point in the fair did the child lose his parents?

  1. At the sweetmeat-shop
  2. At the flower-shop
  3. At the balloon-sellers
  4. At the roundabout

2. How did the flowering mustard-field look?

  1. White like silver
  2. Red like a rosePale like melting gold
  3. Pale like melting gold
  4. Lovely like a rainbow

3. How did the generous man try to calm down the child?

  1. showing him different toys
  2. taking him to rides
  3. talking to him and diverting his attention
  4. All of the above

4. How were the people dressed for the festival?

  1. Shabbily
  2. Daily
  3. Carelessly
  4. Scantily

5. List the things that the generous man did after picking up the child?

  1. asked his name
  2. consoled & offered many attractive things
  3. asked his parents names
  4. all of the above

6. Name the characters in the lesson .

  1. parents
  2. generous man
  3. The Lost Child
  4. All of the above

7. Name the things that the child saw on his way to the fair?

  1. toys
  2. sweets and garlands
  3. balloons
  4. all of the above

8. The child wanted to have balloons yet he walked on. Why?

  1. He knew his parents would never buy him the balloons
  2. He knew his parents would say he was too old to play with such toys
  3. Both A and B above
  4. Neither A nor B

9. What did the child do when he realized that he had lost his way?

  1. cried and ran here and there
  2. felt happy
  3. reported to the office
  4. none of the above

10. What did the child realize?

  1. The fair was charming
  2. the toys were attractive
  3. that parents are the most valuable asset
  4. none of the above

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