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The Third Level Quiz Question with Answer

1. Who is the author of The Third Level?

  1. George Orwell
  2. Agatha Christie
  3. James Joyce
  4. Jack Finney

2. What is the meaning of "Waking dream wish fulfilment"?

  1. a pleasant wish that makes one forget the present
  2. a pleasant wish that takes one to the future
  3. A pleasant wish which inspires to work
  4. a pleasant wish that makes one forget the past

3. sam was in hurry to go home to his

  1. mom
  2. Father
  3. Brother
  4. Wife

4. What does the Third level signify?

  1. a human tendency to escape from the harsh realities of the present to past happy times
  2. A third way on Grand Central station
  3. A third gate on Grand Central Station
  4. None

5. What is "Waking dream wish fulfilment" according to the psychiatrist in the lesson?

  1. Charles finding of a Third level at Grand Central Stationed realization of his wish tovisit Galesburg Illinois
  2. Charles escapism
  3. Charles escapism from realities
  4. None

6. How old is charley?

  1. 30 years
  2. 29 years
  3. 32 years
  4. 31 years

7. What does Sam's letter to Charles represent?

  1. A blend
  2. an acceptance to visit
  3. a proof of his fantasy
  4. a blend of reality with fantasy

8. What is Sam's letter testimony to in the lesson proving?

  1. his acceptance to travel
  2. his refusal to travel
  3. Sam accompanying Charles
  4. Charles' tendency of escapism from the realities

9. Charley asked for two tickets to

  1. 1894 Galesburg
  2. 1855 Illinois
  3. 1859 Galesburg
  4. 1895 New York

10. Who was Sam in The Third Level?

  1. a doctor
  2. a friend
  3. a psychiatrist and a friend of Charley
  4. None

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