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The Last Lesson MCQs questions answers

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Dive into the captivating narrative of 'The Last Lesson' from Class 12 English with our extensive collection of multiple-choice questions and answers. Delve into the rich tapestry of historical context, cultural significance, and thematic depth embedded within this poignant literary masterpiece. Our meticulously crafted quiz offers a comprehensive exploration of the characters, plot intricacies, and underlying messages conveyed by the renowned author. Whether you're a student seeking to enhance your understanding or a literature enthusiast eager to unravel the layers of this timeless tale, our platform provides an immersive learning experience. Journey through the pages of 'The Last Lesson' and uncover its enduring relevance, profound insights, and universal themes that resonate across generations. Join us in celebrating the beauty of literature and the transformative power of storytelling!

The Last Lesson Questions with Answers

1. Alphonse Daudet was from which country?

2. The Last Lesson story was written in which year?

3. Who is the author of The Last Lesson?

4. What does The Last Lesson signify?

5. Why were the parents sending their children to the farms and mills?

6. Franz was surprised because

7. Dont go so fast, you will get to your school in plenty of time means

8. Expression Thunder Clap in the lesson means

9. For how many years did M. Hamel serve the school?

10. For the last two years, where did all the bad news come from?

11. Franz looked for opportunities to skip school to do what?

12. Franz thinks will they make them sing in German even the pigeons? What could this mean?

13. From where did the orders come to teach only German in the districts of Alsace and Lorraine?

14. M. Hamel emerges as a when he teaches his last lesson

15. M. Hamel is introduced as a ruler-wielding teacher. This demonstrates that:

16. The story The Last Lesson highlights which human tendency?

17. Viva la France became emotional evidence of M. Hamels?

18. What attitude of M.Hamel surprised Franz?

19. What bad news used to come from the Bulletin Board?

20. What changed Franzs feelings about M.Hamel and school?

21. What changes did the order from Berlin cause in school that day?

22. What did Franz find on reaching the school?

23. What did Franz notice that was unusual that day?

24. What did Hauser bring?

25. What did Mr. Hamel bring for his class on his last day in the school?

26. What do the marching soldiers under the windows represent?

27. What does M. Hamels motionless posture reflect?

28. What does the expression in great dread of scolding mean?

29. What does The Last Lesson symbolize?

30. What does the last lesson taught by Hamel symbolize?

31. What does the marching of soldiers under the windows represent?

32. What does this story speak about?

33. What had been put up on the Bulletin Board that day?

34. What is the moral that the Alphonse Daudet wants to bring out?

35. What made Franz and the people realize about the preciousness of their mother tongue?

36. What made Franz forget M.Hamels ruler and crankiness?

37. What order had come from Berlin?

38. What was Franz banking on to enter the class as he was late?

39. What was Franz expected to be prepared for at school that day?

40. What was M. Hamel going toQuestion Franz about?

41. What was there in front of the Bulletin Board?

42. What was unusual about M. Hamels dress?

43. What were the things being taken for granted by the people of Alsace?

44. When people are enslaved, what key do they have to the prison, according to M.Hamel?

45. Where did the parents send their children?

46. Which district came under the Prussian rule?

47. Which language would the students study from the next day?

48. Who asked Franz not to hurry to school?

49. Who occupied the back benches in the class?

50. Who sat on the back bench on the last lesson?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on The Last Lesson

The Last Lesson Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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