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We're Not Afraid to Die Quiz Question with Answer

1. From where did the ship sail for the voyage?

  1. America
  2. Mexico
  3. Germany
  4. Plymouth, England

2. Why did the author decide to go for a round-the-world voyage?

  1. to duplicate the voyage made 200 years ago by Captain James Cook
  2. to see the world
  3. to settle down in different country
  4. to show his children the world through ship

3. What was the occupation of the author?

  1. Businessman
  2. Sailor
  3. Teacher
  4. None of the above

4. What was the name of the ship of the author?

  1. Amazon
  2. Wave walker
  3. Wave ship
  4. Sailor ship

5. What part of the journey was pleasant for them?

  1. First leg – from England to Cape town
  2. Last part of the journey
  3. First few months
  4. Never

6. What were the names of the two crewmen whom the author hired?

  1. Shelly and Cabil
  2. Larry Vigil and Herb Siegler
  3. Herb Siegler and Shelly Cooper
  4. Larry Vigil and Adam Moore

7. Why did the author hire the two crewmen?

  1. to take rest from long the voyage
  2. to help tackle one of the world's roughest seas, the southern Indian Ocean
  3. because he could no longer sail the ship
  4. he wanted to spend some time with his family

8. When did the waves start getting gigantic?

  1. 25-Dec
  2. 2-Jan
  3. 30-Nov
  4. 31-Dec

9. What did they do to slow down the boat in the storm?

  1. Stopped sailing
  2. dropped the storm jib and lashed a heavy mooring rope
  3. just dropped the storm jib
  4. did nothing and waited for storm to calm down

10. What was the first indication of disaster?

  1. around 6 pm when winds dropped and sky grew darker
  2. next morning when the ship started creaking
  3. when it started raining
  4. when winds were strong

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