We're Not Afraid to Die Quiz Question with Answer

11. What happened after the first indication of the disaster?

  1. a wave appeared vertical and almost twice the height of other waves
  2. it broke the ship from inside
  3. the ship turned upside down
  4. it didn't affect the ship

12. How did the explosion affect the ship?

  1. A torrent of green and white water broke over the ship
  2. the ship started sinking
  3. the ship turned upside down
  4. None of the above

13. Why did the author accept his approaching death?A Pirates had attacked the ship B because he was injured by the explosion C he was thrown in the sea D he was stabbed

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14. What did the author see when his head popped out of the water?

  1. the ship was sinking
  2. the ship was nowhere to be seen
  3. the ship was near capsizing, her masts almost horizontal
  4. it was still standing

15. What happened to the author's body when he managed to reach the deck?

  1. his head smashed again
  2. his left ribs cracked; mouth filled with blood and broken teeth
  3. he broke his leg
  4. his broke his left hand

16. Who said, “We're sinking!” ?

  1. His crewmen
  2. Mary
  3. His daughter
  4. His son

17. What was the condition of the ship?

  1. Broken timbers, starboard side bulged inwards; clothes, crockery, charts, tins and toys sloshed
  2. There personal belongings were missing
  3. water filled in every room and their clothes were missing
  4. Can't say

18. What had happened to Sue when the author entered their room to check on them?

  1. her head hurt as there was a bump
  2. She was unconscious
  3. her legs hurt
  4. she was fine

19. What was the age of Suzanne and Jonathan?

  1. 8 & 9 years old
  2. 7 & 6 years old
  3. 10 & 7 years old
  4. 4 years & 6 years

20. How did the author manage to stretch the canvas?

  1. by repairing the holes
  2. by asking crewmen for help
  3. it happened on its own
  4. the problem got over as the storm had passed

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