The Fun They Had MCQs Quiz Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

The Fun They Had MCQs questions answers

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MCQ quiz on The Fun They Had multiple choice questions and answers on The Fun They Had MCQ questions on The Fun They Had Beehive Prose Book for Class 9 Chapter 1 English CBSE NCERT objectives questions with answer online test mcqs pdf for exams preparations.

The Fun They Had Questions with Answers

1. On which date did Margie make an entry in her diary about schools?

2. Which year has the story been set in?

3. Century means

4. How long (approx.) did the inspector take to fix the mechanical teacher?

5. What did Tommy and Margie mean by a regular teacher

6. Select the title of the story of Tommy and Margie

7. What did Margie write about in her diary?

8. What is a telebook?

9. What did Tommy find?

10. Margie's mother shaken her head sorrowfully :

11. Why did Margie hate school?

12. The County Inspector had a

13. What is a Virtual Classroom?

14. Who are Margie and Tommy?

15. The section of which subject was completely deleted from Tommy's computer?

16. To which world does the story take the readers to?

17. Margie was doing worse and worse in?

18. Why had the inspector tools and wires with him?

19. Who told Margie once about real books?

20. How did Margie feed her homework in the mechanical teacher?

21. Where did Tommy found the book?

22. Why were the pages of the book were yellow and crinkly

23. What was strange about the book for Margie?

24. After fixing the mechanical teacher, ............smiled

25. Who found the real book?

26. Who went to school?

27. What subjects did Margie and Tommy learn?

28. How were the words in the book?

29. Tommy's mechanical teacher was away for

30. Did Margie have fixed hours of study?

31. How long did it take the inspector to set the mechanical teacher right?

32. Who is the main character of the story?

33. Margie and Tommy took their lessons via

34. In which subject was Margie failing repeatedly?

35. Which part of the mechanical teacher did Margie hate most?

36. Margie's mother called the County Inspector to

37. What do you mean by a mechanical teacher?

38. How old was Margie?

39. How old was Tommy?

40. What was Margie's mechanical teacher giving her?

41. What did Margie hope for when the county inspector took the mechanical teacher apart?

42. Who was a round little man?

43. What was Margie scornful about?

44. If you don't like it, you don't have to read the book. Who said this?

45. Who didn't want a strange man as a teacher?

46. With whom is the mechanical teacher contrasted with?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on The Fun They Had

The Fun They Had Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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The Fun They Had Question and Answer PDF Online

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