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The Fun They Had Question with Answer

1. On which date did Margie make an entry in her diary about schools?

  1. 17-May-56
  2. 17-May-57
  3. 17-May-58
  4. 17-May-59

2. Which year has the story been set in?

  1. 2057
  2. 1957
  3. 2157
  4. 2257

3. Century means

  1. 10 years
  2. 1000 years
  3. 100 years
  4. 110 years

4. How long (approx.) did the inspector take to fix the mechanical teacher?

  1. 2 hours
  2. 1 hour
  3. 3 hours
  4. 4 hours

5. What did Tommy and Margie mean by a regular teacher

  1. a male teacher
  2. a female teacher
  3. a good teacher
  4. a mechanical teacher

6. Select the title of the story of Tommy and Margie

  1. A Real Book .
  2. The Fun They Had
  3. The Fun with Printed Books
  4. A Printed Book

7. What did Margie write about in her diary?

  1. a real school
  2. a real teacher
  3. a real book
  4. Tommy her grandfather

8. What is a telebook?

  1. an e-book
  2. an electronic book
  3. book stored in a computer
  4. all

9. What did Tommy find?

  1. an old book with yellow crinky pages
  2. a yellow pages book
  3. a brand new book
  4. a diary

10. Margie's mother shaken her head sorrowfully :

  1. at Margie's poor performance in tests
  2. at the old times of schools
  3. at the printed books
  4. at the mechanical teacher

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Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on The Fun They Had

The Fun They Had Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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