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The Enemy Quiz Question with Answer

1. He was not sent abroad with the troops because

  1. the General needed an operation
  2. his wife did not let him go
  3. he wanted to stay back
  4. his father did not allow him to go

2. How did Doctor emerge successfully out of all the conflicts?

  1. by throwing the patients out of his house
  2. by sending his servants out of the house
  3. by succumbing before the general
  4. By saving soldier's life as a sincere doctor and helping him to escape

3. How did the Doctor get rid of the American Soldier?

  1. by giving him instructions
  2. by giving him flashlight to use in times of distress
  3. by asking him to row to the island
  4. All these

4. Sadao went to America to learn

  1. psychiatry
  2. surgery and medicine
  3. music
  4. fine arts

5. The chief concern for Sadao's father was

  1. Sadao's wedding
  2. Sadao's education
  3. Sadao's migration
  4. Sadao's treatment

6. The first treatment Sadao gave the wounded soldier was

  1. his wounds were washed
  2. he was operated upon
  3. he was fed
  4. his wounds were dressed

7. The name of the main character in The Enemy is

  1. Dr Huen Tsang
  2. Dr Sadao Hoki
  3. Dr Chung Wa
  4. Dr Hao Chi

8. The reaction of the servants, when told about the injured person, was

  1. they got angry
  2. they were frightened
  3. they were willing to help
  4. they ran away

9. The wounded soldier belonged to

  1. The Russian army
  2. U.S. Navy
  3. The British army
  4. The Japanese army

10. What did Dr give to the soldier?

  1. his boat
  2. food to eat
  3. flashlight to use in distress
  4. All these

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