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The Enemy MCQs questions answers

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MCQ quiz on The Enemy multiple choice questions and answers on The Enemy MCQ questions on The Enemy Class 12 Chapter 4 English Footprints without Feet Prose CBSE NCERT objectives questions with answer online test mcqs pdf for exam preparations.

The Enemy Questions with Answers

1. He was not sent abroad with the troops because

2. How did Doctor emerge successfully out of all the conflicts?

3. How did the Doctor get rid of the American Soldier?

4. Sadao went to America to learn

5. The chief concern for Sadao's father was

6. The first treatment Sadao gave the wounded soldier was

7. The name of the main character in The Enemy is

8. The reaction of the servants, when told about the injured person, was

9. The wounded soldier belonged to

10. What did Dr give to the soldier?

11. What idea do you form of Doctor after reading the lesson?

12. What kind of person was the General ?

13. When Yumi, the servant refused to help Hana told her that

14. Who is the author of the lesson The Enemy?

15. Who was Dr. Sadao?

16. Why did Dr. Sadao go to America?

17. Why did Sadao marry a Japanese girl ?

18. Why did the Doctor give his flashlight to the enemy soldier?

19. Why did the Doctor help an enemy soldier?

20. Why did the doctor's wife feel distressed?

21. Why did the General not pass orders to arrest Dr. Sadao for giving space to a white man?

22. Why did the messenger come to the doctor?

23. Why did the servants leave Doctor's House?

24. Why did the servants refuse to help ?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on The Enemy

The Enemy Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

The Enemy Trivia Quiz

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