Two Stories About Flying Quiz Question with Answer

11. What instruments had stopped working during the storm?

  1. compass
  2. radio
  3. both of them
  4. None of them

12. What risk did the pilot take?

  1. flying back to Paris
  2. missing the breakfast he desired
  3. he took no risk
  4. flying his old Dakota straight into the storm

13. What urged him to make his first flight?

  1. hunger
  2. sight of fish
  3. courage
  4. both 1 and 2

14. What was the name of the aeroplane that the pilot was flying?

  1. Airbus
  2. Boeing
  3. Dakota
  4. Minesotta

15. What was the pilot looking forward to?

  1. to reach his destination
  2. to meet his family
  3. his holiday
  4. both 2 and 3

16. What was the pilot not sorry about?

  1. missing his holiday
  2. driving the plane into the storm
  3. risking the lives of fellow passengers
  4. both 2 and 3

17. What was the purpose behind calling Paris Control?

  1. To know about air traffic
  2. To know the direction of the route
  3. To know the details about landing
  4. None of the Above

18. What was the seagull afraid of?

  1. Running
  2. Swimming
  3. Flying
  4. None of the Above

19. What were his parents teaching his brothers and sisters?

  1. to perfect the art of flying
  2. to skim the waves
  3. to dive for fish
  4. all of the above

20. When the pilot of the black aeroplane asked the narrator to follow him, in which direction did he turn the aeroplane?

  1. south
  2. north
  3. east
  4. west

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