The Third Level Quiz Question with Answer

21. Why does Charley want to visit Galesburg?

  1. to escape from the troublesome world
  2. to enjoy
  3. to see the beautiful landscape
  4. to meet his old friends

22. How did Sam reach Galesburg?

  1. Sam took the St. Curry and gets a train from the second level.
  2. Sam had learnt from Charley's mistakes.
  3. Sam bought a ticket with his currency.
  4. none the above

23. What is First Day Cover?

  1. A new stamp gets the Postmark and date
  2. A gift
  3. A gift wrapper
  4. A gift wrapped in a beautiful wrapper

24. How does the story interweave fantasy and reality?

  1. For Charlie's tendency to treat harsh realities with his imaginary Third Level
  2. It presents imagination
  3. imagination happens on Central Station
  4. None

25. In Galesburg

  1. The people had not experienced the wars.
  2. They were not insecure and anxious and required a psychiatrist.
  3. The people kept to themselves and did not interfere.
  4. All the above

26. Where was Charley ducked on Central Station?

  1. into a room
  2. into an office
  3. into an arched door heading for subway
  4. into a store

27. What was the strangest thing at The Third Level?

  1. Beards
  2. Moustaches
  3. dresses
  4. The corridor that led him into the past.

28. At the ticket counter of The Third Level Charley asked for two tickets to

  1. 1894 Galesburg
  2. 1855 Illinois
  3. 1859 Galesburg
  4. 1895 New York

29. What kind of appearances people had at Third level and why did the clerk refuse to accept money?

  1. funny and clerk refused to accept money because it was currency of modern times
  2. weird and notes were big
  3. weird and notes were torn
  4. weird and notes were wet

30. In what way should we try to overcome the insecurities of the present harsh times

  1. by engaging ourselves in practical activities
  2. by talking to friends and family
  3. reading good books
  4. All these

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