The Third Level Quiz Question with Answer

11. The ticket clerk suspected Charley for

  1. tendering foreign currency
  2. tendering real currency.
  3. tendering fake currency.
  4. a and c

12. There were spittoon made of ......... at the third level?

  1. steel
  2. brass
  3. wood
  4. iron

13. What unusual thing the narrator sees at the Grand Central Station?

  1. Trees
  2. motorcars
  3. Third Level
  4. All these

14. What type of lights were available on the third level?

  1. LED lights
  2. Green lights
  3. Open flame gaslights
  4. Digitally controlled lights

15. A man pulled out a.............from his pocket

  1. a golden watch
  2. a handkerchief
  3. a derby hat
  4. a pen

16. why couldn't Charlie buy tickets from the third level at that time?

  1. He did not want to buy
  2. He did not have money
  3. His money was less
  4. He didn't have the currency of that time.

17. How did Charlie reach the Third Level?

  1. In his fantasy he takes a subway or a corridor faster than a bus
  2. in a superfast train
  3. in jetways
  4. in an escalator

18. What was the Third Level?

  1. a third tier on the station
  2. a third storey on the station
  3. an imaginary discovery of the narrator's mind
  4. none

19. What did Charley see at the Third Level?

  1. flickering gas lights and people with funny m
  2. brass spittoons
  3. men wearing a tan gabardine suit and a straw
  4. All these

20. Why was Louisa, Charley's wife worried?

  1. Knowing the incident of Third Level
  2. for not getting tickets
  3. tickets were delayed
  4. She knew that Charlie's unhappiness leading him to imagine all that

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