In the Kingdom of Fools Quiz Question with Answer

41. In the Kingdom of Fools when did the men work?

  1. in the morning
  2. during the night
  3. during the day
  4. when the sun was extremely hot

42. In the Kingdom of Fools, every kind of grocery item

  1. Is colorful
  2. Costs the same
  3. Is free of cost
  4. Is exotic

43. What did the merchant plead?

  1. it was bricklayer's fault
  2. it was goldsmith's fault
  3. it was his father's deal and not his
  4. None

44. When a guru and his disciple reached the city,

  1. it was broad daylight.
  2. it was midnight.
  3. it was a cold evening.
  4. it was early dawn.

45. Why did guru decide to leave the place?

  1. king ordered to leave the place
  2. he had a message to leave the place
  3. because of some urgent work
  4. because he thought that it was not safe to be with fools for a long time

46. What's your name?.. Who asked this and to whom?

  1. King to the thief
  2. Merchant to the thief
  3. Merchant to the guru
  4. King to the merchant

47. What punishment was given to the person who disobeyed the order?

  1. life imprisonment
  2. one-week imprisonment
  3. heavy fine
  4. death penalty

48. The disciple ate his fill every day and grew fat

  1. like a fig.
  2. like an elephant.
  3. like a street-side sacred bull.
  4. like a big balloon.

49. How did the disciple become after residing in the Kingdom of Fools?

  1. Like a shining elephant
  2. Like a sparrow
  3. Like a street-side sacred bull
  4. Like an oversized hippopotamus

50. The story In the Kingdom of Fools' is taken from

  1. Lives of Fools
  2. Mystery Lives
  3. Strange Kingdom
  4. Folk Tales from India

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