In the Kingdom of Fools Quiz Question with Answer

11. Why was the disciple not ready to leave the Kingdom of Fools?

  1. Because of cheap food
  2. Because of the amicable people
  3. Because of nice scenery
  4. Because of immense luxury

12. Why are the people in the kingdom called foolish?

  1. because they do silly things
  2. because they listen to their king
  3. because they follow all the ridiculous orders passed by their king
  4. because they are foolish

13. What did the guru tell his disciple?

  1. behavior of foolish is unpredictable and it was not safe to live with them
  2. the city was full of surprises
  3. the people were innocent
  4. none

14. How did the thief sneak into the merchant's house in the story In the Kingdom of Fools'?

  1. By crossing the fences
  2. By making a hole in the wall
  3. By climbing through the waterpipe
  4. By scaring the merchant with a gun

15. How did the guru save the people of the kingdom?

  1. by helping the kingdom getting rid of the foolish king and his silly minister
  2. making the king believe that the new stake will bring fortune
  3. by flattering the king
  4. all

16. How did the thief enter the merchant's house?

  1. by making a hole into the wall
  2. from the backdoor
  3. jumping the wall
  4. none

17. How did the king and his men make the guru and his disciple free?

  1. by passing orders
  2. by making them run from the place
  3. by disguising themselves as criminals
  4. None

18. How did the dancing girl save herself?

  1. by putting the blame on her master
  2. by putting the blame on the minister
  3. by putting the blame on the goldsmith
  4. none

19. How were the people made to obey the king's orders?

  1. by showing them sword
  2. by speaking to them
  3. by threatening to kill
  4. none

20. It surprised the guru and his disciple to see that everything in the shops of the town

  1. cost a duddu.
  2. cost a rupee.
  3. cost too much.
  4. cost five rupees.

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