A Triumph of Surgery Quiz Question with Answer

31. Who do you blame for Tricki's illness?

  1. Mrs. Pumphrey
  2. Tricki
  3. Herriot
  4. Vet

32. Who does I refer to in the story?

  1. Tricki
  2. Mrs. Pumphrey
  3. Veterinary surgeon
  4. none of the above

33. Who is Hodgkin?

  1. dog owner
  2. gardener
  3. Veterinary surgeon
  4. Dog

34. Who is the author of the story A Triumph of Surgery?

  1. James Herriot
  2. Ruskin Bond
  3. Robert Arthur
  4. Victor Canning

35. Who was Joe?

  1. nurse
  2. pug
  3. greyhound
  4. cat

36. Who was Mrs Pumphrey worried about?

  1. herself
  2. her maid-servant
  3. her dog Tricki
  4. her son

37. Why is the narrator tempted to keep Tricki as a permanent guest?

  1. because he loved Tricki
  2. he thought Mrs. Pumphrey woudn't take good care of Tricki
  3. they would lose all Luxuries like eggs, wine and brandy
  4. none of the above

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