The Last Lesson Quiz Question with Answer

31. What does the marching of soldiers under the windows represent?

  1. the departure of Hamel
  2. dawn of Prussia in France
  3. freedom for Franz
  4. sorrow of the villagers

32. What does this story speak about?

  1. Power
  2. Money
  3. Transition
  4. people

33. What had been put up on the Bulletin Board that day?

  1. Teach only French
  2. Speak only English
  3. Teach only German
  4. Teach all these

34. What is the moral that the Alphonse Daudet wants to bring out?

  1. not to put off things that one can do that day
  2. old order changed to new
  3. one should accept everything that happens
  4. teachers should be respected

35. What made Franz and the people realize about the preciousness of their mother tongue?

  1. M. Hamels words
  2. School orders
  3. Sudden orders from Berlin
  4. School Principal

36. What made Franz forget M.Hamels ruler and crankiness?

  1. Police Patrolling
  2. Strange Quietness
  3. Bustle on the streets
  4. The idea of his going away

37. What order had come from Berlin?

  1. to close the school
  2. teach German in schools of Alsace and Lorraine
  3. to open a new school in Alsace and Lorraine
  4. that Hamel would have to leave

38. What was Franz banking on to enter the class as he was late?

  1. M.Hamels teaching on the blackboard
  2. commotion in the class
  3. Hauser helping him sneak in
  4. to quietly walk in when everyone was preoccupied with participles

39. What was Franz expected to be prepared for at school that day?

  1. song
  2. dance
  3. essay writing
  4. Participles

40. What was M. Hamel going toQuestion Franz about?

  1. participles
  2. adjectives
  3. old primer
  4. proverbs

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