The Last Lesson Quiz Question with Answer

11. Franz looked for opportunities to skip school to do what?

  1. work on mills
  2. go fishing
  3. water the plants
  4. collect birds eggs

12. Franz thinks will they make them sing in German even the pigeons? What could this mean?

  1. German would use brutal force over everyone
  2. harsh orders will be passed
  3. when people are deprived of their essence even the surroundings are affected
  4. the Germans will rob France of its language

13. From where did the orders come to teach only German in the districts of Alsace and Lorraine?

  1. France
  2. Lorraine
  3. Berlin
  4. Germany

14. M. Hamel emerges as a when he teaches his last lesson

  1. meek person
  2. true patriot
  3. repentant man
  4. defeated the man

15. M. Hamel is introduced as a ruler-wielding teacher. This demonstrates that:

  1. he is concerned
  2. he is adamant
  3. he is unfeeling
  4. he is a hard taskmaster

16. The story The Last Lesson highlights which human tendency?

  1. Male Chauvinism
  2. Procrastination
  3. Courage
  4. Cowardice

17. Viva la France became emotional evidence of M. Hamels?

  1. sadness and patriotism
  2. finality and depression
  3. nostalgia and emotional outburst
  4. love for the school and teaching as a profession

18. What attitude of M.Hamel surprised Franz?

  1. soft and kind
  2. rude
  3. firm and strict
  4. none of these

19. What bad news used to come from the Bulletin Board?

  1. lost battles
  2. the draft
  3. orders of commanding officers
  4. All of these

20. What changed Franzs feelings about M.Hamel and school?

  1. Police Patrolling
  2. Orders from Berlin
  3. Strict words from M. Hamel
  4. old Primer

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