The Ball Quiz Question with Answer

11. What does the poet say about money?

  1. internal
  2. external
  3. useless
  4. none of these

12. What does the Poet say about this world is made of?

  1. Possessions
  2. Happiness
  3. Joys
  4. Troubles

13. What is the boy playing with?

  1. bat
  2. ball
  3. car
  4. bus

14. What meaning is the boy learning?

  1. meaning of life
  2. meaning of loss
  3. meaning of happiness
  4. meaning of bavity

15. Where did the boy lost his ball?

  1. in the water
  2. in the fire
  3. in the home
  4. in the school

16. Where does the ball go?

  1. drain
  2. well
  3. house
  4. water

17. Who is the poet of the Ball poem?

  1. Leslie Norris
  2. John Berryman
  3. Carolyn Wells
  4. Robert Frost

18. Who loses his ball?

  1. The Poet
  2. The Boy
  3. Both the poet and the boy
  4. none of these

19. Why does the poet decide not to condole the boy?

  1. He is busy
  2. He is indifferent
  3. It will be of no use
  4. He is happy

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