The Address Prose Quiz Question with Answer

11. In what attire did the author find Mrs. Dorling?

  1. Author's mother's green knitted cardigan
  2. Author's green knitted cardigan
  3. Author is unable to recognise it
  4. Not mentioned in the story

12. In what condition did the author find the living room?

  1. Haphazard
  2. Well arranged
  3. Empty
  4. Old fashioned

13. Mrs. Dorling took the possessions of the things on the pretence of

  1. using them
  2. selling them
  3. keeping them safe
  4. Both (a) and (b)

14. Mrs. Dorling's was.........of Mrs.

  1. a sister
  2. an old acquaintance
  3. an old friend
  4. a relative

15. The author had come to visit Mrs. Dorling.............the war.

  1. during
  2. before
  3. after
  4. Not mentioned in the story

16. Unlike Mrs. Dorling, her daughter was.............towards the author.

  1. rude
  2. mature
  3. hospitable
  4. mean

17. Was the author convinced with her mother's idea of letting Mrs. Dorling take away their things?

  1. Absolutely
  2. Partially
  3. Not at all
  4. Not mentioned in the story

18. What message does The Address talk about?

  1. Importance of things
  2. Not to trust someone
  3. Human predicament of war
  4. None of the above

19. What was the address that the author's mother asked her to remember?

  1. Number 50, Marconi Street
  2. Number 46, Baker Street
  3. Number 54, Marconi Street
  4. Number 46, Marconi Street

20. What was the protagonist's reaction when she entered the living-room?

  1. Thrilled
  2. Emotional
  3. Nervous
  4. Horrified

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